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S-WAX GRAPHENE - Long Lasting All Seasons Chain Lube

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All the benefits from the Regular S-WAX plus Graphene. 

It makes a very durable lube, almost 3x mores miles than the S-WAX, more protection to your drive train and less friction ! 

Less friction = More Watts.

Save energy and time with the new S-WAX Graphene. 

* More miles on one application

* Biodegradable

* Less Friction

* More WATTS 

* More protection to your drivetrain 

* Gear will last even more

* Easy to Apply and Easy to Clean


Instructions are the same as our other dry lubes :

* On a clean and degreased chain, apply one drop on each link

* Let it dry for a couple of hours

* Go ride

*When you get back, clean your chain with a dry cloth

* Apply it again (if needed) and let it dry

* Ride again


Bottle : 100 ml (3.38 fl. oz.)


More info about Graphene and Chain Lube: